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Critical Calibrations: Carbon Dioxide Meters

Carbon dioxide, in hazardous amounts, can displace oxygen in the air and cause suffocation. The gas can accumulate in confined places or low-lying areas, especially those without sufficient ventilation. Monitoring the presence and level of carbon dioxide is necessary to prevent exposure leading to irreversible health effects.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Gas_DetectorCalibration.gifMiners, greenhouse workers, cryogenics lab workers, and marine vessel operators are among those who may regularly use CO2 gas detectors or carbon dioxide meters.

Yet, even with CO2 detectors, you may get inaccurate readings. These can come from:
·    Normal degradation of sensors over time
·    Exposure to extreme temperature and humidity conditions
·    Exposure to a high levels of the gas
·    Harsh storage and handling conditions (such as being dropped or submerged in liquid)

Ensure safety by having your gas detector calibrated by factory-trained technicians to verify proper operation. That’s the best way to ensure you and your workers are protected.

InnoCal is the factory-authorized service center for MSA and Sperian gas detector calibrations. Our specially trained technicians test your gas detector with a known concentration of gas.

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