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Dimensional Measurements Traceable to NIST Standards

Simplify your quality system calibrations with service from one comprehensive vendor. InnoCal provides a wide range of NIST-traceable calibrations services for dimensional and hard gauges.  


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Extensive Range of Services Saves You Time

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It can be time-consuming to coordinate equipment between multiple calibration laboratories and maintain several approved vendors. InnoCal has invested in the best technicians, NIST-traceable standards, and environmental controls so we can deliver the accurate measurements you need while calibrating all of your other assets. Our technicians have been trained by the top names in the industry such as Mitutoyo, Pratt and Whitney, and Starrett.

InnoCal’s ISO17025 accredited dimensional lab meets all the requirements to provide certificates for your dimensional equipment. Our fully-equipped, environmentally controlled dimensional lab can deliver NIST-traceable calibrations on all the top brands including Mitutoyo, Fowler, Luftkin, Browne & Sharpe, Scherr-Tumico, Mahr Federal, and Starrett.  



Dimensional Equipment Serviced 


Calipers &

Protractors &
Angle Meters 

Rules & Tape

Height & Depth


Surface Plates


Pin & Plug Gauges

Testing Sieves

Gauge Blocks

Gauge Blocks



Technical Details

InnoCal Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 InnoCal calibrates all the major dimensional brands from 0 to 60 inches. We use standard-grade gauge blocks, optical systems and indicators to calibrate the most accurate equipment.  


NIST-Traceable Calibrations Available For:

Angle Blocks

Thread Plugs

Wire Crimpers

Pin Gauges

Angle Plates

Surface Plates

Straight Edges



Radius Gauges

Tape Measures

Dial and Test Indicators


Gage Amplifiers


Height and Depth Gauges


Coating Thickness Gauges


Thickness Gauges



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