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State-of-the-art wind tunnel delivers extremely low measurement uncertainties


Air Velocity Measurements Traceable to NIST Standards

Our cutting-edge wind tunnel delivers extremely low measurement uncertainties. For top-notch calibrations at affordable prices, count on InnoCal.  



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Advanced Technology Used by Expert TechniciansExample of InnoCal's industry leading certificates


Experienced technicians in InnoCal’s air velocity lab use advanced wind tunnel technology to provide some of the industry’s best measurements. And, because we know how critical your wind speed and air velocity equipment is to your work, we turn around your anemometers quickly. Expect them to arrive in working order, with a calibration certificate that will pass any audit or customer inspection. Plus, we can provide a NIST-traceable calibration no matter what brand you prefer.

Our ISO17025 accredited services, audited by A2LA, are proof of InnoCal’s high technical competency in vane and hot-wire anemometer and manometer calibrations.


Air Velocity Equipment Serviced 


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Vane Anemometers

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Weather Stations

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Technical Details

InnoCal Scope of Accreditation to  ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994

Measurement Range: 1 to 50 m/s (200 to 9850 feet per minute)

Best Uncertainty: 1 to 13 m/s: 0.009 m/s + 0.55% of reading; 13 to 50 m/s: 0.003 m/s + 0.59% of reading

Measurement Type: Ultra-stable, closed-loop wind tunnel and high-accuracy pitot tubes


NIST-Traceable Calibrations on the Top Brands!

TSI Alnor














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