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Finding potential electrical insulation problems early saves you time and money. The insulation tester is a tool that can help you do this. Over time, the wear and tear of normal usage will cause insulating material to degrade and reduce its insulating function.

b2ap3_thumbnail_InsulationResistanceTester.gifBy using the tester to troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance for electrical equipment, you avoid costly downtime. You may already be using this tool for servicing motors, generators, or cables.

To quickly and accurately measure insulation resistance, you’ll need an insulation tester that is calibrated. Whether it is new and requires initial calibration or if it has logged many hours in operation, calibration will ensure that the tester is working as effectively as it should.

When you keep the testers tested for calibration, you can rely on the results they are producing. And, the equipment you are testing actually gets a credible evaluation.

InnoCal handles your electrical calibration needs with a large fleet of electronic calibrators. Our metrology technicians provide you with a full NIST-traceable calibration certificate to satisfy your internal and external ISO9001 auditors.

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In calibration circles, NIST traceability is a must-have for reliable accuracy. Why? The National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) develop and maintain national standards for measurement quantities.
b2ap3_thumbnail_Peter_Sittinger_20150824-183655_1.gifMetrological traceability, according to NIST, requires the establishment of an unbroken chain of calibrations to specified references. Traceability, as defined by NIST, links the value and uncertainty of a measurement result with the values and uncertainties of each of the intermediate reference standards—and the highest reference standard to which traceability for the result of measurement is claimed.

Bottom line? This means you can trust your calibration results when you are working with a lab that provides measurements traceable to NIST standards. Calibration labs and other organizations are responsible for establishing the traceability of their own results to those of NIST or other specified references.

At InnoCal, all of our standards are calibrated to national standards, primarily maintained by NIST. Our certificates include the statement “Measurements reported herein are traceable to SI units via national standards maintained by NIST” and contain measurement uncertainty to transfer NIST traceability to your equipment. 

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When you’ve been a metrologist for more than 15 years, you find yourself sharing your expertise with other technicians. That’s what Bernard does as Metrology Engineer for InnoCal.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Bernard.gif“I research the equipment we receive for calibration and write the procedures and data sheet on how to calibrate the assets,” he told us. “I love sharing my knowledge and helping the technicians grow.”

Bernard began his calibration career in the US Navy, then did in-house calibrations for pharmaceutical companies before landing at InnoCal four years again. Since then, Bernard has become one of the go-to experts on the team.

“I really enjoy when one of my colleagues comes to me for help,” he said.

Is there anything he enjoys more? Perhaps snowboarding? And, by the way, Bernard is also an award-winning competitive shooter.

To tap into the expertise of InnoCal, contact us at [email protected]. We can help you meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

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In the military, it is vitally important to keep test and measurement equipment running accurately.  Infrared cameras help find military targets. Engines use temperature sensors and must read precisely. The metrology and calibration organizations within the services ensure all such measurements remain within the necessary tolerances.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AsherTayag.gifMetrologist Asher spent four years in a military calibration lab conducting such testing and making adjustments to keep equipment reliable and effective. After the military, he continued working in metrology and for nearly two years has put his skills to work for InnoCal customers.

“I get to learn from colleagues with so many years of metrology experience,” he told us. Asher spends most of his time calibrating electronics, but also works on temperature, infrared, and dimensional instruments.

While he also has a strong interest in cyber security, Asher is content for now serving another mission: keeping customers’ equipment functioning effectively.

Are you confident your equipment is accurate? Contact InnoCal for a calibration or repair quote or for technical support.

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Electrical test instruments are expected to be accurate. Yet how do you know? Normal shifting over time or simply dropping the device can affect its performance. And if you are working with tight tolerances, your readings must be precise and accurate. This ensures that the costly processes you are checking are operating effectively.

b2ap3_thumbnail_PowerSuppliesII.gifMany opt to conduct a field comparison by checking two meters. If the meters deliver the same reading, they assume they are calibrated. Yet, this is simply a field check. It can indicate if there is an issue, but you have no idea which meter is reading correctly. And it could be neither is measuring correctly.

True calibration requires that the calibration standard must be more accurate than the instrument under test—using a NIST-traceable standard. A calibration certificate verifies that the instrument is now measuring according to this nationally accepted standard. The guesswork is gone and your readings are valid.

InnoCal puts the SURE back in your measurements by providing NIST-Traceable calibration services on electronic equipment. We test the accuracy of your assets to manufacturer’s specifications and perform adjustments if necessary.

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