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Flowmeter Calibration Services


Efficient Air and Liquid Flow Measurements Traceable to NIST Standards

Get shorter lead times and expert calibrations on flowmeters and air flow equipment with InnoCal. 



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Trust the Expertise of InnoCalExample of InnoCal's industry leading certificates

InnoCal maintains some of the most accurate NIST-traceable standards in the country for calibrating flow rates of almost any gas. Our huge fleet of flow calibrators in our ISO17025 accredited lab (A2LA cert 1746.01) means shorter lead times than the competition. InnoCal’s flow technicians go through extensive training on air flow calibration from industry leaders like DH Instruments to ensure you can trust the measurements.

We can verify the accuracy of your flowmeter or plot the flow rate of your rotameter. If you need specific test points or gases to accommodate your requirements, we will do that at no extra charge. Plus if you have specialty flowmeters, we can engage an approved vendor to ensure the same levels of quality you have come to expect.


Air and Liquid Flow Equipment Serviced List 


Mass Flowmeters

Mass Flowmeters

Variable Area Flowmeters


Differential Pressure Flowmeter

Laminar Flow

Flow Controllers

Flow Controllers

Flow Calibrator

Flow Calibrator


Technical Details

InnoCal Scope of Accreditation to  ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994

Measurement Range and Best Uncertainty
Air Flow: 
0 to 80 LPM (0 to 2.8 scfm):  0.23% of reading
80 to 500 LPM (2.8 to 17.6 scfm): 0.34% of reading

Liquid Flow:
0 to 1 GPM

Measurement Type: Laminar flow elements, sonic nozzles, and volumetric comparison


NIST-Traceable Calibations on the Top Brands!



Sierra Instruments

Alicat Scientific


Omega Engineering

MKS Instruments





King Instruments



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