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Why is NIST-Traceability Important?

In calibration circles, NIST traceability is a must-have for reliable accuracy. Why? The National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) develop and maintain national standards for measurement quantities.
b2ap3_thumbnail_Peter_Sittinger_20150824-183655_1.gifMetrological traceability, according to NIST, requires the establishment of an unbroken chain of calibrations to specified references. Traceability, as defined by NIST, links the value and uncertainty of a measurement result with the values and uncertainties of each of the intermediate reference standards—and the highest reference standard to which traceability for the result of measurement is claimed.

Bottom line? This means you can trust your calibration results when you are working with a lab that provides measurements traceable to NIST standards. Calibration labs and other organizations are responsible for establishing the traceability of their own results to those of NIST or other specified references.

At InnoCal, all of our standards are calibrated to national standards, primarily maintained by NIST. Our certificates include the statement “Measurements reported herein are traceable to SI units via national standards maintained by NIST” and contain measurement uncertainty to transfer NIST traceability to your equipment. 

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