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Verifying the Infrared Calibrator

What happens when you need to calibrate your calibrator? Your infrared calibrator checks the performance of infrared thermometers and lets you know how they are reading. As indicators of accuracy, these calibrators are handy standby instruments.b2ap3_thumbnail_InfraredCalibrators.gif

And because infrared instruments are used for more and more applications, their reliability becomes super important. Yet, the calibrator itself may lose accuracy over time. Events such as exposure to extreme temperatures and environments or improper storage can weaken its effectiveness. Verify the strength of infrared calibrators by periodically having them professionally calibrated.

What will a calibration lab do? Top labs will use radiometrically calibrated infrared calibrators to correct for uncertainties. With emissivity adjustments and tight accuracies, your calibration results will boost your confidence in your equipment.

Accredited by A2LA to be technically-proficient in infrared temperature measurements, InnoCal and has passed proficiency tests administered by the National Association for Proficiency Testing (NAPT).

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