b2ap3_thumbnail_Ron-Weiser.gifWith more than 30 years of metrology experience, Ron Weiser knows a few things about calibrating electronic instruments such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, flowmeters, and megohmmeters. For instance, he can tell you how calibration has changed.

“I began my career repairing and calibrating RF test equipment,” said Ron. ”Calibration used to mean going through the adjustment procedure and checking a couple of points.” Of course, now calibration—and the instruments being calibrated—are both much more sophisticated.

Yet, Ron’s love for the process has not changed. “Every day I keep learning more about the equipment we calibrate. I also enjoy going on-site to facilities and meeting the customers in person,” he said.

Not too much beats metrology for Ron, but he does like to grill when he leaves the calibration lab.

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