Electrical test instruments are expected to be accurate. Yet how do you know? Normal shifting over time or simply dropping the device can affect its performance. And if you are working with tight tolerances, your readings must be precise and accurate. This ensures that the costly processes you are checking are operating effectively.

b2ap3_thumbnail_PowerSuppliesII.gifMany opt to conduct a field comparison by checking two meters. If the meters deliver the same reading, they assume they are calibrated. Yet, this is simply a field check. It can indicate if there is an issue, but you have no idea which meter is reading correctly. And it could be neither is measuring correctly.

True calibration requires that the calibration standard must be more accurate than the instrument under test—using a NIST-traceable standard. A calibration certificate verifies that the instrument is now measuring according to this nationally accepted standard. The guesswork is gone and your readings are valid.

InnoCal puts the SURE back in your measurements by providing NIST-Traceable calibration services on electronic equipment. We test the accuracy of your assets to manufacturer’s specifications and perform adjustments if necessary.