Nearly any type of research using liquid volume measurements—from the scientific lab to the product research lab to the environmental lab—relies on accurate samples to test and measure various properties. b2ap3_thumbnail_DispensingApplication.gif

Your measuring and dispensing instruments can easily be taken for granted yet are critical to your sampling process. Precision quantities are necessary for valid results and repeatability.

Ensure your liquid volume measurements are exactly what you expect them to be. With volume accuracy, you can be confident that you are measuring as much or as little as you intend.

Dispensers and other items to calibrate include:
·    Micro-pipettes
·    Pipettes
·    Graduated cylinders
·    Beakers
·    Burettes
·    Carboys

InnoCal provides NIST-traceable measurements to confirm the accuracy of your dispensers with a measurement range of 0.1 uL to 4000 mL. We can calibrate, in accordance with ISO8566 requirements, from very low volumes to large volumes.