If you use a thermal imager for predictive maintenance in your plant, you recognize the value of finding hidden problems. Your thermal imaging camera can find issues that are not visible just by looking.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Thermal-Imaging.gifIn the same way, your thermal imager may look just as good as when you bought it but may not be functioning as well. The aging of electronic components over time can cause calibration shift. Your imager needs to be assessed regularly for measurement accuracy. Many manufacturers recommend recalibration at least annually.

For accurate measurement, test emissivity for the emitted energy of the object, distance to spot ratio for optical resolution, and field- of-view to determine if your target is at least twice as large as the spot size. If these three measurement processes are in line and your readings still appear off, it may be time for recalibration.

InnoCal uses radiometrically calibrated infrared calibrators to correct for uncertainties caused by emissivity and heat loss. With emissivity adjustments, a large (6”) uniform calibration surface, and tight accuracies, InnoCal’s standards can maximize confidence in your readings.