Once your instrument is calibrated and you receive your calibration report, it should contain key test data. In addition to descriptive information about your equipment, the report should indicate:b2ap3_thumbnail_InnoCal-Certificate.gif

1.    Condition of the item as received
2.    The calibration procedure used
3.    As found/as left test data
4.    Statement of measurement uncertainty
5.    Test uncertainties (TURs)
6.    List of standards used to perform the calibration (including their calibration dates)

A signature from the technician is also helpful. This comprehensive information provides an unambiguous record of how your instrument was serviced—useful for audit purposes as well as your own records.

InnoCal provides ISO 17025 compliant reports at no additional charge. INNOTRAK, our calibration report management system, enables you to be audit-ready by accessing your data online.