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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    Research, production, and testing all use scales within their processes. As a measuring instrument, the precision of the scale is fundamental to its use. If the scale is reading off, even slightly, you won’t be able to trust the results. This could call into question your research or count accuracy. It will certainly slow down your operation as you re-check weights.b2ap3_thumbnail_Scales_11100_04_1.jpg

    Scales include:

    • Counting scales
    • Industrial scales
    • Floor/bench scales
    • Compact bench scales
    • Hanging scales
    • Food/portion scales
    • Price/shipping scales

    Scales designed for applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries depend on specific weights for packaging, shipping, and more. Make sure your weighing right—and your processes are not compromised.

    To sustain your scale’s precision, InnoCal’s ISO17025 accredited calibration lab maintains highly accurate comparison standards. We can customize test points to your specific needs including those dictated by USP. Plus, you will receive a certificate with all the necessary data and information to ace your next audit.

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    Posted by on in Electronics

    Finding potential electrical insulation problems early saves you time and money. The insulation tester is a tool that can help you do this. Over time, the wear and tear of normal usage will cause insulating material to degrade and reduce its insulating function.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_InsulationResistanceTester.gifBy using the tester to troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance for electrical equipment, you avoid costly downtime. You may already be using this tool for servicing motors, generators, or cables.

    To quickly and accurately measure insulation resistance, you’ll need an insulation tester that is calibrated. Whether it is new and requires initial calibration or if it has logged many hours in operation, calibration will ensure that the tester is working as effectively as it should.

    When you keep the testers tested for calibration, you can rely on the results they are producing. And, the equipment you are testing actually gets a credible evaluation.

    InnoCal handles your electrical calibration needs with a large fleet of electronic calibrators. Our metrology technicians provide you with a full NIST-traceable calibration certificate to satisfy your internal and external ISO9001 auditors.

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    Posted by on in Air & Fluid Quantities

    With flow rates as low as 0.0007 mL/min and convex rollers that are gentle on fluid, Ismatec® peristaltic pumps work well for pharmaceutical applications. Ismatec pumps are ideal for dissolution testing in pharmaceutical dosing, chromatography applications, the addition of a reagent to a reactor, and a variety of research and development purposes.

    The independent channel control (ICC) pumps provide lower pulsation, better reproducibility, and a longer tubing life. However, as with all peristaltic pump drives, regular calibration helps you meet ISO, EPA, GLPs/GMPs and other quality standards.

    NIST-traceable calibration will ensure precision in your process. It will also give you more accurate volumes and better system control. Make sure your pump’s rpms are what they should be—and you’re getting the performance you need—with professional calibration.

    InnoCal's technicians can calibrate any Masterflex® or Ismatec® peristaltic pump drive to ensure accurate rotation per minute (rpm) output.

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    Posted by on in Air & Fluid Quantities

    As fruit ripens, its sugar content will change. For farmers, this means testing fruit to determine where to harvest. Refractometers measure the sugar content in fruit, wine, beer, and other foods. This enables us to have food and beverages that are sweet enough but not too sweet. Refractometers also are used in the chemical and manufacturing industries to measure sample concentrations for process and quality control.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_Atago-Digital-Pocket-Refractometer-with-Bluetooth-for-iPhone.gifWhat happens when the refractometer is not calibrated correctly? Its readings are faulty and lower quality—and thus lower sales—are the result. While these meters should be calibrated before each use, professional calibration may be necessary at some point. If the meter is dropped, scratched, or has readings that regularly fall outside the acceptable range, it may be time for professional calibration and/or repair.

    Handling your refractometer with care and using it only for its intended purpose will keep it working well in most cases. When it falters—or when you need calibration reports for compliance—contact the pros.

    InnoCal is accredited by A2LA to meet ISO17025 requirements, including technical competency for refractometers. We use ISO Guide 25 standard reference material to complete the test per your instructions.

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