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    Posted by on in Mechanical

    Scheduled preventive maintenance and repair helps keep your valuable equipment running. Without the necessary upkeep, you may be susceptible to a production delay or shutdown.

    To avoid downtime (and its related costs), check manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance cycles and assess equipment for potential repairs. Use professionally trained technicians who provide factory-authorized service. b2ap3_thumbnail_FlowmeterCalibration_20150929-140148_1.gif

    At InnoCal, we offer a vast inventory of OEM parts to ensure quick and accurate service. In addition to repairs, our technicians can also create custom devices to handle your unique applications.

    Calibration and Repairs for:

    ·    Air Velocity
    ·    Dimensional
    ·    Electrical
    ·    Flowmeters
    ·    Force
    ·    Gas Monitors
    ·    Humidity
    ·    Hydrometers
    ·    Light
    ·    Mass
    ·    pH Meters and Calibrators
    ·    Pipettors and Dispensers
    ·    Pressure/Vacuum
    ·    Recorders—Chart, Strip, and X-Y
    ·    Refractometers
    ·    Sound
    ·    Stroboscopes
    ·    Tachometers—Mechanical (contact) and Optical
    ·    Thermometry
    ·    Timers and Stopwatches
    ·    Torque
    ·    Vibration
    ·    Weather Stations

    Looking for maintenance and/or repairs for laboratory and industrial process equipment and instruments? Contact InnoCal for fast, reliable service.

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    Posted by on in Air & Fluid Quantities

    If you look closely, you’ll see gas mass flow controllers used in many industrial, commercial, and OEM applications. They work with thermal sensing technology for precise gas injection and dosing.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_MassFlowController.gifAs gas enters the controller, part of the flow is redirected into a small tube. This tube has two coils, one downstream from the other. The first coil introduces a small amount of heat into the gas stream. As the gas passes through the tube, the electronics sense the amount of heat transferred from one coil to the other.

    Flow then passes into the proportional solenoid valve. This valve is controlled by the active servo electronics, which compare a set point to the actual flow rate provided by the flow sensor—and adjust the valve accordingly.

    Of course, calibration drift due to aging or other factors can influence the performance and repeatability of your mass flow controller. To keep your gas flow at your desired level, your controllers should be calibrated periodically. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations for calibration cycles to sustain process efficiency.

    InnoCal maintains some of the most accurate NIST-traceable standards for calibrating flow rates of almost any gas. InnoCal’s flow technicians go through extensive training on air flow calibration to ensure you can trust the measurements.

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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    What happens when you need to calibrate your calibrator? Your infrared calibrator checks the performance of infrared thermometers and lets you know how they are reading. As indicators of accuracy, these calibrators are handy standby instruments.b2ap3_thumbnail_InfraredCalibrators.gif

    And because infrared instruments are used for more and more applications, their reliability becomes super important. Yet, the calibrator itself may lose accuracy over time. Events such as exposure to extreme temperatures and environments or improper storage can weaken its effectiveness. Verify the strength of infrared calibrators by periodically having them professionally calibrated.

    What will a calibration lab do? Top labs will use radiometrically calibrated infrared calibrators to correct for uncertainties. With emissivity adjustments and tight accuracies, your calibration results will boost your confidence in your equipment.

    Accredited by A2LA to be technically-proficient in infrared temperature measurements, InnoCal and has passed proficiency tests administered by the National Association for Proficiency Testing (NAPT).

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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    Temperature displays, controllers, and meters can be checked for calibration using electrical signals with voltage for thermocouples and resistance for RTDs and thermistors. Electrical simulation is a quick, clean, and inexpensive way to verify their accurate function.
    b2ap3_thumbnail_Digi-Sense-Calibrated-Kangaroo-Thermocouple-Thermometer.gifHowever, it can provide a false sense of control and accuracy of the temperature process. In nearly all temperature measurements, the probe/sensor being used is the major contributor to the uncertainty or inaccuracy of the measurement. When considering the accuracy of measurements using a temperature display and sensor system, the contribution of the sensor is usually much larger than the display.

    Also, electrical simulation of the temperature display, while convenient, is not sufficient to establish measurement traceability to NIST or otherwise within a measured process.

    When the accuracy of your temperature equipment matters, request a full temperature system calibration from your provider.

    InnoCal recommends that the probe/sensor and display/meter elements be tested for all temperature systems. This can be done by either testing the probe and meter separately against its own tolerance or as a system. If out-of-tolerance conditions are found, an electrical simulation of the meter or display is appropriate to isolate the issue (which is most often the temperature probe).

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