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    Posted by on in Mechanical

    When you manufacture water heaters, you must have temperature measurement and pressure equipment that functions well. That’s why two metrologists from InnoCal returned to a Michigan manufacturer for the second time to perform on-site calibrations.b2ap3_thumbnail_Manufacturer_Pressure.gif

    Initially, the request for service included system calibrations. Then, the project developed into separate temperature probe and indicator calibrations—which required a second trip with different standards. For nearly a week, the InnoCal metrologists worked with the technicians at the facility to complete thermocouple and pressure gauge calibrations.

    In the end, a satisfied facilities manager and his staff had equipment they could feel confident in using. “They were very pleased with our professionalism and high-end standards,” said Mark, the lead metrologist for the on-site project.

    Looking for your own calibration success story? Contact InnoCal if you have a potential on-site project.

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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    When collecting data is necessary, there’s no easier way than using a data logger. If you keep track of temperature and humidity for HVAC systems, the data logger is a compact and economical way to log stats.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_DataLogger.gifPharmaceutical manufacturers verify temperature readings in plants with data loggers. Some units are designed for documenting dynamic environments such as moving vehicles, trucks, containers, ships, and more. Others log voltage and current in industrial processes, productivity checks, and troubleshooting. Data loggers help save on expenses, ensure quality, and are a tool for adhering to compliance with specific industry regulations.

    The common element in all data loggers is the ability to track, record, and in most cases, download or export readings to a computer. Yet if the data logger is not working effectively, its results are useless.

    Make sure that your tracking data is accurate by professionally calibrating your data loggers. This ensures that you can trust the results you’re tracking.

    InnoCal can handle your data logger calibrations. In our ISO17025-accredited lab, our technicians conduct hundreds of hours of training a year to stay current.

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    Posted by on in Mechanical

    Peristaltic pumps handle many process fluid handling duties including dispensing, metering, and general transfer. They are key to processes in industrial and manufacturing, food & beverage, R&D, pharmaceutical & biotech, and environmental labs. These workhorse pumps must sustain their precision in fluid transfer to maximize production.b2ap3_thumbnail_Masterflex_DispensingSolutions.gif

    To prevent sluggish performance or even downtime, make sure your peristaltic pumps are calibrated regularly. Regular calibration:
    ·    Ensures accurate rotation per minute (rpm) output
    ·    Delivers better system control with more accurate volumes
    ·    Helps you meet ISO, EPA, GLPs/GMPs and other quality standards

    NIST-traceable calibration will instill confidence in your processes that your peristaltic pump drives are operating efficiently.

    InnoCal can calibrate any Masterflex® or Ismatec® peristaltic pump drive. Contact us to find out how to order a new pump precalibrated or to recalibrate your existing pump.

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    Posted by on in Electronics

    When you’ve been a metrologist for more than 15 years, you find yourself sharing your expertise with other technicians. That’s what Bernard does as Metrology Engineer for InnoCal.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_Bernard.gif“I research the equipment we receive for calibration and write the procedures and data sheet on how to calibrate the assets,” he told us. “I love sharing my knowledge and helping the technicians grow.”

    Bernard began his calibration career in the US Navy, then did in-house calibrations for pharmaceutical companies before landing at InnoCal four years again. Since then, Bernard has become one of the go-to experts on the team.

    “I really enjoy when one of my colleagues comes to me for help,” he said.

    Is there anything he enjoys more? Perhaps snowboarding? And, by the way, Bernard is also an award-winning competitive shooter.

    To tap into the expertise of InnoCal, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can help you meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

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    Posted by on in Mechanical

    A large petroleum refinery contracted with InnoCal in January to calibrate more than 200 of their instruments on-site. Two metrologists traveled to Texas to make sure the process equipment, pressure instruments, electronics, and temperature meters were as accurate as possible. The equipment is critical for the refinery workers to use in the field to keep operations running effectively.b2ap3_thumbnail_Industrial_Petro_FromDisk.gif

    Working in a trailer near the facility, the duo completed calibrations on more than 300 units—an increase of 33% from the initial request—in slightly more than seven days.

    “The client told us this was the most proficient turnaround of their test equipment ever,” said Jeff Ziegler, Metrology Calibration Engineer. “It was really a positive experience—the technicians we worked with were extremely satisfied.”

    Do you have an on-site project InnoCal can help with? Contact us online or call 866-466-6225.

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