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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    If you use a thermal imager for predictive maintenance in your plant, you recognize the value of finding hidden problems. Your thermal imaging camera can find issues that are not visible just by looking.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_Thermal-Imaging.gifIn the same way, your thermal imager may look just as good as when you bought it but may not be functioning as well. The aging of electronic components over time can cause calibration shift. Your imager needs to be assessed regularly for measurement accuracy. Many manufacturers recommend recalibration at least annually.

    For accurate measurement, test emissivity for the emitted energy of the object, distance to spot ratio for optical resolution, and field- of-view to determine if your target is at least twice as large as the spot size. If these three measurement processes are in line and your readings still appear off, it may be time for recalibration.

    InnoCal uses radiometrically calibrated infrared calibrators to correct for uncertainties caused by emissivity and heat loss. With emissivity adjustments, a large (6”) uniform calibration surface, and tight accuracies, InnoCal’s standards can maximize confidence in your readings.

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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    What happens when your temperature controls aren’t controlling accurately? You waste energy and produce an inconsistent product. Proper temperature control improves efficiency, helping you maximize profit and ensure the reliability of your product.

    Suppose your heat stays on too long. It can damage your product, your equipment, and even be potentially dangerous. Similarly, if cooling is left on too long, it can both damage your product and cause excessive wear on supporting devices. If a compressor is overstressed, it may overheat, freeze-up, and/or fail.

    The monitoring and regular calibration of temperature controllers removes the guesswork of determining how well they are operating. To keep systems running effectively, ensure that your controllers are reading and responding accurately.

    Because every degree matters in temperature measurements, make sure your equipment is accurate with InnoCal's expert NIST-traceable calibrations.

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    Posted by on in Electronics

    In the military, it is vitally important to keep test and measurement equipment running accurately.  Infrared cameras help find military targets. Engines use temperature sensors and must read precisely. The metrology and calibration organizations within the services ensure all such measurements remain within the necessary tolerances.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_AsherTayag.gifMetrologist Asher spent four years in a military calibration lab conducting such testing and making adjustments to keep equipment reliable and effective. After the military, he continued working in metrology and for nearly two years has put his skills to work for InnoCal customers.

    “I get to learn from colleagues with so many years of metrology experience,” he told us. Asher spends most of his time calibrating electronics, but also works on temperature, infrared, and dimensional instruments.

    While he also has a strong interest in cyber security, Asher is content for now serving another mission: keeping customers’ equipment functioning effectively.

    Are you confident your equipment is accurate? Contact InnoCal for a calibration or repair quote or for technical support.

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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    When measuring temperature in industrial processes, several instruments need to be calibrated regularly to deliver verifiably accurate readings.

    • Temperature sensors are typically read by transmitters. The transmitter signal relays to a control panel which displays the temperature. All three instruments in the system require periodic calibration. The most significant errors tend to occur in the temperature sensor. Because the sensor can drift, keeping it calibrated must be a priority.b2ap3_thumbnail_Digi-Sense-12-Channel-Scanning-Benchtop-Thermometer.gif
    • Calibrating the thermometer standards used to calibrate industrial thermometers is necessary. Professional calibration supplies traceability to national and international standards. Using an accredited metrology lab ensures uncertainty levels and traceability statements have been examined and independently verified.
    • The reference thermometer, drywell and/or micro-bath heat source, and precision simulator also should be calibrated regularly by a respected lab.

    Have questions about how often your industrial temperature equipment should be calibrated? Contact InnoCal. Some of the most qualified technicians in the industry work in our ISO17025-accredited lab and conduct hundreds of hours of training a year to stay current.

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