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    Posted by on in Environmental Monitoring

    On April 1, a bit of foolishness is expected. When it comes to documenting your calibration history, however, wisdom will save you. Losing time trying to find your calibration certificates is a waste when there’s a better option.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_InnoCal-Certificate_20150331-141213_1.gifInnotraK™, the calibration report management system, ensures that you always have access to the certificates you need as proof of calibration. The online system is available 24/7 and enables you to pull up your reports.

    Have an upcoming audit? No need to panic or make massive phone calls. Just log in and bring up your documentation. The system also allows you to check service status if you have instruments currently in the process of calibration. It’s an organized, time-efficient way to keep your certificates ready and accessible.

    InnoCal offers the INNOTRAK calibration report management system with calibration. Find out how this can help you!

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    Posted by on in Electronics

    Once your instrument is calibrated and you receive your calibration report, it should contain key test data. In addition to descriptive information about your equipment, the report should indicate:b2ap3_thumbnail_InnoCal-Certificate.gif

    1.    Condition of the item as received
    2.    The calibration procedure used
    3.    As found/as left test data
    4.    Statement of measurement uncertainty
    5.    Test uncertainties (TURs)
    6.    List of standards used to perform the calibration (including their calibration dates)

    A signature from the technician is also helpful. This comprehensive information provides an unambiguous record of how your instrument was serviced—useful for audit purposes as well as your own records.

    InnoCal provides ISO 17025 compliant reports at no additional charge. INNOTRAK, our calibration report management system, enables you to be audit-ready by accessing your data online.

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    Posted by on in Air & Fluid Quantities

    pH is one of the most common measurements and is used in industrial processes, research and development, wastewater treatment, food and beverage processing, agriculture, and more. pH tests the alkalinity of pools and the acidity of foods such as cheese. Because both accuracy and compliance are important for key measurements in research and food safety, keeping your pH meters or testers calibrated is necessary.b2ap3_thumbnail_Ph.gif

    Professional pH Calibration

    Professional calibration aligns the electronics within the meter and tests the unit according to your manufacturer’s accuracy at standard test points or those you choose. Your calibration certificate is evidence your meter is certified and meets compliance.

    Questions? From pH meters to pH testers to pH calibrators, InnoCal can calibrate your instruments. We maintain a full fleet of electronic calibrators, ISO Guide 34-accredited pH and conductivity solutions, and high-accuracy temperature standards.

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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    As a military-trained metrologist, Peter has some sage advice for maintaining your equipment: “Periodic calibrations can only do so much. All it takes to knock your equipment out of tolerance is one drop,” he said. “If you suspect your equipment is not working correctly, check it or send it in for calibration.”

    b2ap3_thumbnail_Peter_Sittinger.gifWith special skills in pressure, temperature, and dimensional equipment, Peter knows how valuable calibration is. These are critical parameters that can shut down production if they are reading incorrectly. Making sure equipment is in optimal shape prevents unnecessary delays or loss of production.

    To keep the calibrations moving, Peter shifts from thermometer calibrations to calipers to scales to pressure gauges. He stays flexible to serve customers with a timely response.

    In his time outside the calibration lab, Peter loads up on books and videos. “I love to read, write, and play video games,” he said.

    Concerned about your equipment? Contact InnoCal to see how we can help with calibrations and repairs.

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    Posted by on in Mechanical

    Through a partnership with top manufacturers such as Cole-Parmer and Davis Instruments, InnoCal can offer time-saving advantages such as:Digi-Sense® Digital Contact/Photo Tachometer with NIST Traceable Calibration

    ·    The instruments you order can arrive calibrated and ready for use immediately
    ·    Equipment is in stock for quick delivery, faster use
    ·    For out-of-tolerance or unrepairable instruments, you receive trade-in/replacement discounts
    ·    No need to shop multiple vendors—order your equipment and calibration from one source

    InnoCal is an authorized and stocking distributor for the following popular brands through Cole-Parmer: Oakton®, Vaisala, Extech®. For Davis Instruments, InnoCal is the authorized and stocking distributor for:  Fluke®, BK Precision®, WIKA®.

    Find out more! Contact InnoCal for more information about the equipment you need calibrated or precalibrated.

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