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    Some call them power supplies, others refer to them as electric power converters. In either case, these units provide constant power for service in the field, research and development purposes, laboratories, telecommunications, bench testing, academia, and more.b2ap3_thumbnail_PowerSupplies.gif

    While the types of power supplies may vary—from programmable to multi-range to switching to high current—they each must supply the continuous power you need to run your application.

    To keep your unit’s performance reliable and delivering the current and voltage you expect, calibration is necessary. With workhorse equipment that may be used every day without a second thought, it is easy to overlook whether it is functioning optimally. Verify if your power supplies are operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications with calibration from a lab that uses NIST-traceable standards.

    Since 1991, InnoCal has been providing NIST-Traceable calibration services on electronic equipment. Make your job easier by consolidating your electronic equipment calibrations with one vendor.

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    Posted by on in Thermodynamics

    Keeping temperature and humidity within a designated range is critical for many manufacturing and food processes. Even a degree or two out of range can create production or maintenance loss costs.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_Thermohygrometer.gifA thermohygrometer measures both temperature and humidity. Technicians checking HVAC systems and scientists working in pharmaceuticals or environmental research use thermohygrometers regularly. These versatile meters also can be found in breweries and food storage facilities. With their portability and quick response time, thermohygrometers offer many advantages.

    However. . .

    Because thermohygrometers may be susceptible to losing their calibration, they need to be calibrated frequently for continued accuracy and stability.  Without a tested and calibrated instrument, your readings are suspect.

    Many thermohygrometers are precalibrated so that once you receive them, they are ready to use. The key is recalibration when necessary to ensure high accuracy.

    InnoCal’s ISO17025-accredited humidity services will reduce any doubt about the accuracy of your equipment. Our full-service temperature lab can also ensure that your temperature readings are accurate.

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    Posted by on in Mechanical

    If you’re like most managers, you have a variety of equipment to keep calibrated, serviced, and in compliance. From thermocouples and thermometers to pressure meters to manometers, you keep track of when the equipment needs to go out and where it goes.

    b2ap3_thumbnail_General_Calibration.gifWhen you’re sending equipment out to multiple labs for calibration, this process gets more complicated. And headaches increase when relied-upon equipment doesn’t arrive back in time. You have to check your documents for each lab and make multiple contacts, which exhausts your time.

    An easier way is to find an accredited lab that can handle all, or at least most, of your equipment. A lab that provides online tracking also simplifies the practice of following up—in fact, it may eliminate some of it.

    To save time and unnecessary effort, consolidate your calibrations to one service provider. Use ISO17025 accredited laboratories who provide accredited calibration certificates for equipment to ensure an unbroken traceability chain. 

    InnoCal conducts calibration and repair services for thousands of test and measurement instruments. We have invested in the best technicians and NIST-traceable standards so we can deliver the accurate measurements you need while calibrating all of your assets.

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