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    When your process relies on a portfolio of equipment—pressure gauges, flow control, electronics, temperature instruments—to keep it running, the effectiveness of this equipment directly impacts your budget.

    If temperature readings are off, even slightly, the product you are manufacturing can be flawed or ruined. When pressure or flow instruments are malfunctioning, your production efficiency suffers. At its most severe, these process instruments can even cause your line to shut down if they are impaired.

    For electronics components and equipment, both quality and safety suffer when they are inaccurate or even out of order.

    To keep equipment operating precisely and sustain control over production output, stick to a regular calibration cycle for each instrument. Servicing part of your process equipment but not all of it leaves gaps in the quality of your operation. Maintain a log of when equipment is due for repair or calibration or reference the information supplied by your calibration provider.

    InnoCal conducts calibration and repairs on process equipment. Plus InnoTrak™ software maintains all of your calibration certificates so that you don’t have to; they are ready for you during audits.

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    Posted by on in Mechanical

    In the electronics, plastics, construction, and chemical industries—or any in which push/pull measurements are required—a digital or mechanical force gaugeb2ap3_thumbnail_TorqueandForce.gif helps determine a product’s strength.

    These tools are used by manufacturers and material testers particularly in new product development and design. Textiles manufacturers may test the strength of cloth or packagers may determine the reliability and stability of their containers with these devices. The products they are manufacturing need to be able to stand up to repeated use and meet the requirements of their intended purposes.

    With critical applications like these, it is essential that compression and tension measurements are accurate. Maintaining this accuracy requires regular calibration. This ensures that the products in development are produced at a high, consistent level of quality.

    From force gauges to torque wrenches to torque testers to durometers, InnoCal has the calibration standards to keep your torque and force equipment operating correctly.

    InnoCal's environmentally-controlled laboratory has been evaluated by A2LA and confirmed for technical competency.

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    Posted by on in Air & Fluid Quantities

    Measuring pH tells you how acidic or basic (alkaline) your solution is. Biochemists and food industry scientists measure the pH of food, dairy, and beverage products for quality. In industries such as oil refining, textiles, and paper and printing, pH measurement is an integral part of processes that produce the end product. Outside of the lab and the manufacturing plant, monitoring the pH of water and wastewater is essential in environmental control. According to the EPA, “measuring alkalinity is important in determining a stream's ability to neutralize acidic pollution from rainfall or wastewater.”

    b2ap3_thumbnail_calm_water_by_pier.gifConductivity tests a solution’s ability to conduct electrical current and serves as a quick and simple indicator of water quality and purity. Conductivity measures the ionic content in a solution and is assessed for pharmaceutical waters, boiler water, fermentation, and public water supplies. Conductivity can also indicate how much pollution is in rainwater and rivers.

    Testing the Tools: Are Your Readings Correct?

    Described by Lab Manager as a mainstay of laboratories, pH meters commonly test the pH of solutions while conductivity meters, resistivity meters, and sometimes multiparameter meters typically measure conductivity. If you’re losing confidence in your pH or conductivity readings—and it’s not an issue with the electrodes or environmental factors such as static electricity—it may be time for meter calibration.

    At an ISO17025-accredited calibration lab, your meter will be tested to the manufacturer’s accuracy at standard test points or to those of your choosing. Electronic calibrators, ISO Guide 34-accredited pH and conductivity solutions, and high-accuracy temperature standards are used to ensure that your meter is restored to full precision, or, in some cases, recommended for replacement.

    InnoCal is the only authorized ISO17025-accredited calibration lab for Oakton®, Accumet®, Thermo Scientific, and Orion® pH meters. We maintain a full fleet of electronic calibrators, ISO Guide 34-accredited pH and conductivity solutions and high-accuracy temperature standards.

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    Posted by on in Environmental Monitoring

    Certain work and industrial environments involve processes that have the potential for gas leakage, which may be harmful. According to Health and Safety International, “The most common gases produced are carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and flammable substances. Typically, these gases are found in the production of iron and steel, chemicals and petrochemicals, oil refining, natural gas sourcing, refrigeration and water treatment.”b2ap3_thumbnail_GasDetectionCalibration.gif

    Instruments that can sense these escaping gas fumes include gas detectors or gas monitors and gas analyzers. Specifically, gas detectors alert you to conditions outside normal parameters with an alarm. Gas analyzers can sense the concentration or quantity of a gas within a mixture of gases.

    To remain effective, these gas detection instruments must be calibrated regularly. Calibration drift can occur due to normal sensor degradation, exposure to extreme temperature and humidity conditions, exposure to high levels of the target gases, and harsh storage and handling conditions such as being dropped or submerged in liquid.

    Ensure worker safety by having your gas detector or gas analyzer calibrated by factory-trained technicians to verify proper operation.

    How to Have your Gas Detector Serviced by InnoCal:

    1. Call Customer Service 866-InnoCal (866-466-6225) with the following information:
    • Model name
    • Serial number
    • Contact name, telephone number, and e-mail address
    • Shipping address
    • Billing address

    2. Receive:
    • Shipping instructions
    • Decontamination form to ensure your instrument can be safely received at InnoCal
    • Authorization number

    3. Pack your instrument securely:
    • Package your instrument with the decontamination form provided by customer service
    • Label your package with the authorization number and ship to the address provided to you

    InnoCal’s specially trained technicians test your gas detector with a known concentration of gas. Find out more about these NIST-Traceable calibrations.

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    Posted by on in Air & Fluid Quantities

    As Group Leader for Customer Returns, April Buckley is a problem solver and a customer advocate. “I often have to solve problems or help answer questions,” she said. “I look at each question like a puzzle and I love to solve puzzles. I am constantly thinking about how to solve the next one.”

    While not technically a metrologist, April’s more than 20 years of experience in satisfying customers serves InnoCal customers well. “We work hard for customers,” she explained. “We’re happy to help in any way we can, whether it is providing a quote, processing a service return, or resolving an issue. Above all else, we think about customers first. “

    When she pulls herself away from the phones and the computer screen, April can often be found in front of another screen. “I like to play video games, mainly massively multiplayer online games (MMO’s) such as Guild Wars® 2 and Lord of the Rings Online™ (LOTRO),” she said. This, of course, is only when she is not out walking in the forest preserves with family, friends, and her pooch.

    As an InnoCal customer champion for four years, April’s days are filled with navigating calibration and repair orders, phone follow-ups, and creative solutions to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Yet, she is pleased that her role is people-intensive. “I like that I get to interact with a lot of people,” she said.

    If you have a question for InnoCal’s customer service or need support, let us know.

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